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There are very few things in which one can say, “Now THAT’S what it SHOULD be!” Few things have earned a “that’s what it should be” level of approval. Watch a boxer fight. If he’s great…or even good, he’ll be compared to the greatest of them all. He’ll be compared to an innovator, a game-changer and an icon of excellence. When the name, Muhammad Ali comes up you’ll say, now THAT’S what boxing SHOULD be!

VEEV is an acaí spirit destined for “innovator,” “game-changer” and “icon of excellence” status.

Clear in color and extremely tasty, it looks like Vodka and mixes like vodka yet it’s all-natural with less calories than vodka all-the-while packing a 70 proof whallop.

The exotic acaí fruit from Brazil makes it a spirit that transforms all old-fashioned vodka drinks into “new-fashioned,” delicious cocktails. VEEV is exactly what vodka SHOULD be if only vodka were...you know...good and less boring.

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