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Tillamook Cheese is, of course, cheese—amazing cheese—but it’s also ice cream. Incredibly delicious ice cream. Some of which they place on sticks and call Tillabars. One’s Lemonilla. One’s called a Moocha Latte. Tillamook Cheese is also yogurt and sour cream. It’s also an extremely cool factory in Tillamook, Oregon that welcomes over one million tourists a year. It’s a cut down VW Van called The Baby Loaf Bus which goes across the country on something called the Tillamook Tour. Tillamook Cheese is a place and a people and a way of life and a historical part of Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. It’s a ship called The Morning Star. It’s 105 farmer-family owners that see to it that everything sold is worthy of the Tillamook name. The point: Tillamook is a brand in a constant state of introduction, exploration and storytelling—just as any great brand should be.

The work you’ll enjoy below is reflective of our unique partnership and collaboration with them. It reflects a brand that has many different things to say and do. The tone is very friendly and always very “Tillamook.” These campaigns have sold many products, increased sales dramatically, expanded the brand into new regions and have made people smile all along the way. Yet the body of work is consistent. It proves we understand “region.” Texas needed to know that a Pacific Northwest cheese understood them. California needed to be (re)reminded of just how much they loved the brand. The Pacific Northwest needed to be reminded that Tillamook is their cheese and a gift from them to the world.

We’re storytellers and Tillamook Cheese is a great story. One with many amazing chapters.

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