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New Mexico

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New Mexico is a very TRUE place. The overall spirit of the land, its light and people; the strong, wonderful Native American culture; its amazing food, art and culture, are all TRUE to New Mexico and to New Mexico only. The problem: with horrible wildfires blazing and research telling us it was perceived to be a hot, dry place with no water and nothing to do, our job was obvious: dispel the myths. Simply tell the truth. And the truth is that New Mexico is an amazing place with plenty to do and see. It’s magical. And it’s TRUE. Within six months of our campaign launching, three tax dollars were being returned for every dollar New Mexico spent. The 3-to-1 ratio after six months was unheard of in state tourism growth. Even Michigan, considered the gold standard of tourism, took 12 months to get to a 3.4-to-1 return. Proving that telling the truth…works.

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