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Green Mountain Energy

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When we first started working with Green Mountain Energy we discovered that they were facing a number of challenges. Although they were the only energy provider 100% dedicated to green energy in Texas and had high awareness and high ratings among consumers, this did not translate into market share. In fact, despite all all this goodness, people still rated them alongside their electric provider and gave them an even lower rating than their cable company. Ouch. Oh, and by the way, all the electric companies claim to be “green.” Ouch again. Our solution: celebrate the good things they use to create energy (wind, water, and sun) to get people’s attention. The opening line on our campaign stopped everyone who saw it. The World Is A Dark Rotten Place. We then went on to list all the good things in life ending by saying, other than that, the world is a dark rotten place. Their click-thru rate on our digital banners enjoyed 7 times the national click-thru rate. Disruptive ideas lead to success and market share.

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