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Grande Communications is a small telecom that provides Internet and cable to Texans. The problem: Time Warner Cable and DirectTV outspend them in Texas 50 to 1. The Assignment: Find the one thing that makes all other cable companies in Texas irrelevant. Don’t outspend…out smart. To be honest, the job was easy: Grande provides something no other cable company has: great service. In fact, the idea of great service inspired many product offerings and innovations: better programming and deals, 110 megabits per second download speeds, Multi-room TiVo and the Longhorn Network (an obvious hit in Texas) which is exclusive to Grande...to name a few.

The Idea: Cable companies are hated. People get outraged when asked about their cable company. However, when we asked Grande customers how they felt about Grande we were truly surprised. “Trust”, “helpful” and “loved” were the three most active verbs used to describe them. The idea of “Here For You” was obvious. The line made the UNDER dog...into the SMARTER dog. Don’t sell service, sell a wider vision of service and a smarter way to cable. The campaign had to build their “brand” AND sell their products all at the same time. To find success we simply looked thoroughly at the market and Grande’s competition and quickly saw that none of them seem to get Texans. Texans don’t care if you’re the largest or the richest, they care if you’re the friendliest and the best. They care if you’re honest and if you work hard. They care…if you care.

When we say we’re here for you, WE MEAN IT is a campaign that struck a chord. Texans like a promise made and a promise kept. They also like to be entertained and they like a good value and they like to laugh and smile too! So, we gave them ALL OF THAT in one hugely successful campaign.

Our campaign immediately became viral. The radio had people calling in to say thank you for making me smile on my way to work. And sales and sign-up’s grew significantly. Customer retention soared. Increase in subscribers grew immediately and brand perceptions increased significantly as well — making Grande not only just relevant, but sneaking up on the leader in the category. And their competition thought out-spending us 50 to 1 was the answer. When we say we’re here for you, WE MEAN IT, proves you don’t have to have a large budget…you just have to have a large idea. And a great agency.

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