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It's Electric Out There

People have little emotional attachment to their energy provider. That said, Kinetic customers love Kinetic because of their service and community involvement. This was a rare instance where the brand truth is entirely distinct within the category. It became the launching pad for the brand’s big idea.

The goal, in addition to signing up new customers, was to bring people together to create positive energy in their communities. Texas is filled with great little communities and we believe great things happen when people come together. This was the inspiration for the brand platform “It’s Electric Out There.”

We encouraged people to get out and do things; to use their creative energies to affect positive change. To do this we created a whole new language, and an entire cast of characters called the Bembles of Bembleton, to tell the story that “It’s Electric Out There.” The Bembles taught us what “flogatilly” means—which is the act of random people coming together to clean up a local park, which then inspires an impromptu kazoo concert. Next was “obdowling”—the act of admiring local flower beds and saying nice things about their caretakers. And, of course, “woo-oggling”—which is obvious...the act of coming together to enjoy a mud puddle after a rain. Given our research and this work we could easily claim that Kinetic is “the first electric company you’ll actually like”.

The Bembles were extended to social media where they gave Texans the opportunity to engage with the characters, learn more about energy options and choices and become directly involved in conversations about energy use and other community issues.

The Bembles campaign separated Kinetic Energy from the rest of the pack by going far beyond dry product offerings and service claims. It illustrated that they’re a friendly, approachable company that understands the strength of building a sense of community among the people they serve.