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Lone Star Beer

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Packaging & Identity

We were asked to redesign the Lone Star packaging. Our task was easy: change a classic Texas icon without making all Texans, who frown upon changing their icons, hate it. Clark, our head of design, took this one on personally. His idea was to go back to an older, thinner, more streamlined shield. He found it in Lone Star’s past. The new shield design he chose was actually a very old shield from the 60’s. He also simplified the amount of logos on the packaging itself. The beer’s called, “Lone Star” Beer...not Twelve Star Beer. His color selection and simple modern design made the package stand out on shelves. Many claim to have redesigned the packaging. It’s quite the compliment to Clark that so many claim it, ask for it “by design” on premise and have already tattooed it on their arm. Only a team that truly understands Texas could have changed one of its beloved icons...without getting shot.

When design is amazing it finds its way into pop culture. True Detective is the story of two detectives on the hurt for a serial killer. The show is amazing. But when you watch it you discover that there are in fact THREE characters Matthew, Woody and Lone Star Beer. It was awesome watching our design playing such a huge role.