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New Mexico True

For New Mexico Tourism we decided there would be no talk of ads or campaigns...only truths and honest statements. The big idea: do not write an ad campaign, write the truest, most honest statement one can write about the place and the people of New Mexico. New Mexico TRUE, described everything and everyone perfectly. Then we were asked to develop three :30 tv commercials to drive visitors to visit New Mexico during the winter. We took the liberty of going far beyond this and delivered the three :30’s as well as nine other films which they could use on their website and YouTube. We thought beyond the assignment and campaign in order to create a deeper, more meaningful experience for the target. The films allowed us to focus on aspects of New Mexico that further intrigued our audience and exposed so much more of the state than can be told in :30. Our social media efforts and banner ads have generated amazing amounts of chatter and good vibes for the state. They are enjoying a three to one return on every dollar spent and misperceptions of the state have been transformed and erased. Oh, and they just doubled their budget so, being honest worked.