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Lone Star Beer

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What Would Texas Be?

Texans live in the only state in the union that was once a nation. Yes, it’s big. Yes, Texas is proud and some say just about the most arrogant and self-centered state in the union. Its uniqueness is a combination of many things: history, climate, accent, size, personalities, music, the damn heat, cities and open spaces. And the beer Texans drink. If any of these things were taken away from Texas or were never given to them, they may very well have been a different place and a different people. Texas is a nation within a nation. A flag flown at the same height as the beloved Stars and Stripes. The flag has one lone star and the state is called the Lone Star State. It goes without saying that its National beer is called, Lone Star. And thank goodness it’s here for everyone to enjoy. God only knows where Texas would be — or who Texans would be, without it.