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Ole Smoky Moonshine

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Moonshine Madness

Making our brands matter in culture is paramount. If people are talking, engaged with the brand, sharing ideas and opinions, then the brand is alive and well...and growing.

The year before Ole Smoky hired us, it was available in only 37 states and had (a respectable) 200,000 followers on Facebook but wanted more immediately. Twelve months later, it was available in all 50 states and had more than 500,000 followers on Facebook.

Speaking of followers, March Madness is the most social media friendly sports event in the world. Brackets are shared and debated endlessly. We created “Moonshine Madness” for these fanatics. For the month of March Ole Smoky fans can go online and vote for their favorite flavor. Each week brings a new flavor match up and Ole Smoky’s Facebook page is the arena. The flavor that goes undefeated will be dubbed the winner of March “Moonshine” Madness and awarded the commemorative jar for Ole Smoky fans to enjoy and collect.