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Luke & Dale California

Since Tillamook already had a high awareness in California, the focus there was on reinforcing the brand and making it culturally relevant again. California met Luke & Dale, they were introduced to their Baby Loaf Bus, and they saw fellow Californians genuinely enjoying their cheese. Through Luke & Dale, we see all the great places and the wonderful people that make California, California.

The California and Texas campaigns, with scripts and scenarios that were culturally relevant and celebratory of each state, were a mix of humor and hard-hitting product attributes like natural aging, better taste, and shred-ability.

Our pre-roll digital ads directed viewers to a special Luke & Dale landing page on Tillamook.com where they could learn more about the brand, the Tillamook Tour and, of course, where to find Tillamook Cheese. This page received 150,000 visitors throughout the course of the campaign.

The Luke & Dale campaign was a huge success, leading to a 30% sales increase in Texas and a 10% sales uptick across California. For the digital video component, we utilized premium full episode players and video ad networks to target key audiences to great effect, with an 82% video completion rate in California and 79% in Texas. The campaign boosted website visits in Texas by 480%, with the Luke & Dale landing page receiving roughly 150,000 visitors alone.

At the end of the day the Luke & Dale campaigns were cultural exchanges. They came bearing gifts of cheese and they experienced the many “gifts” found in Texas and California.