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Keep it Tight

Our Assignment:

Inspire all 38,000 Nike employees across the globe to complete a series of intranet training modules so as to be more aware and better prepared for security issues and situations in today’s very competitive, globally interconnected environment. In essence, to add “security” to their corporate global culture without changing it. They simply said, “It runs counter to our culture to dictate to anyone that they must take security training so…you guys have to find a way to do it by sheer inspiration.” Then they asked, “You got any experience doing training modules?” “No,” we said, “but we know your culture intimately and we know quite a bit about inspiring people.” “Good enough.”

The Process:
We worked closely with Nike’s corporate communications and marketing team to lead a global effort in developing these training modules which were simple, easy to use, effective testing programs one could complete at their desk. And to write and produce an in-house marketing/advertising campaign aimed at all of Nike’s employees to inspire participation.

The Big Idea:
We knew fear or pressure would not work. It rarely does. Our idea was to view security through the prism of sport. Only then will it be from Nike’s true culture and only then will it inspire Nike employees to take notice. “KEEP IT TIGHT” was written to make defense front and center. It came from the world of sport. If you’ve ever played basketball, you know the term. Nike is one of the best marketers/advertisers in the world. We needed to match that effort and create messaging that was every bit as effective as their mainstream advertising. Our ideas and executions had to be just as exciting as any global ad campaign.

The Results:
The posters went up globally. The modules were developed to be interactive and full of information. Six videos were created and edited and got behind one giant idea: KEEP IT TIGHT.

And every employee—without being forced—participated. Everyone learned how to deal with social media messaging; what to say and what NOT to say and why. Everyone learned to travel in groups and avoid danger while out in the world. Everyone found out how to keep his or her devices secure, password protected and private. Everyone learned that a secure Nike is a healthier Nike. (We can’t share the training modules themselves, but we can share the campaign.)

Our work was so well received, Nike’s intranet crashed the first day we launched due to traffic load. Their employees were inspired to learn how to keep Nike ideas specifically and only...for Nike.

Not Bad:
At the end of the day, a small group of people in Austin, Texas completely changed Nike’s entire global corporate culture (with respect to security) by thinking big, respecting sport and understanding Nike’s culture. Proving true change can only come through inspiration, not mandate.