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Heroic Whiskey

Davy Crocketts Whiskey came to us needing more than a big idea, they needed a clear direction for the brand to take that would assure them unique turf they could own...alone. With so many amazing flavors, we set them on their course for success with one idea...an idea that came from the products themselves: Let all the other whiskeys in the world be serious, let them be “dad’s” whiskey, drank in dark bars and gentlemans clubs, we’ll be the first “fun” whiskey. With flavors like chocolate, salted caramel, cinnamon, Tennessee mud and wildfire, Davy Crocketts has a lock on the “fun” side of whiskey. Very few among us think whiskey is delicious. Now everyone can enjoy whiskey...not just dad.

The website we designed introduced our tone and it set the hook that this is going to be one very fun brand with ideas like “The Book Of Davy.” The OOH celebrated Davy and his extremely cool bottle/label design. The tagline for the brand came straight from the man himself: Heroic Whiskey. The campaign, “Be Like Davy” gives everyone the permission to engage with the brand and have a little fun.